Supermaket chain "Aldi" will stop to sell meat from castrated piglets for 2017

This week, the supermarket chain Aldi announced to its suppliers that for 2017 it will stop to sell pork meat from castrated animals. Since 2013, almost all belgium supermarkets chains have stopped to sell meat from castrated piglets.

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Pig and poultry Meat labelling: the EU Parliament asked for more transparency and voted against the Commission's proposal

Today, the EU parliament has rejected a EU Commission's proposal aiming to add for pork meat and poultry meat a mandatory labelling on the Country of rearing.

MEPs expressed themselves in favor of a better labelling, but considered the Commission's proposal is a way to avoid for pork, goat, sheep and poultry meat a EU strict complete labelling as it has been done in 2002 for beef meat. MEPs therefore call on the Commission to withdraw the regulation and to draw up a revised version which includes a mandatory place of birth, rearing and slaughter labelling for those meats, in line with the existing beef origin labelling legislation.

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Parliament authorises reform of public health checks on pork

Despite the tries of the Food Safety Committee on Wednesday to stop this proposal, the EU Parliament has decided today to allow official abattoir vets to declare pork fit for human consumption after a simple visual check, without systematic incision or palpation

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