Switzerland: Ask for more consumer awareness for beef meat

A recent survey of the swiss animal protection (PSA) has shown that half of the swiss citizen are not aware of breeding conditions of cattle. A third of them are mislead by advertisments showing cattle in the grass, and do not know that the animals are often spending their all life indoor.

More information on http://www.swissinfo.ch/fre/nouvelles_agence/international/Consommateurs_de_viande_mal_informes_sur_les_conditions_delevage.html?cid=37366272


Switzerland: A black list for some wild animals in circuses ?

With the support of the Switz Animal Protection (PSA), National Councillor Isabelle Chevalley asked to the Federal Council the establishment of a black list for some wild animals in circuses. If this ask is followed up by the Switz Federal Council, Switzerland could be the 6th Country in Europe to have such a blacklist. Indeed, Austria, Sweden, Slovenia, Greece and UK have already partially or definitively limited the use of wild animals in circuses. 

Since six years, the PSA has lead inquiries in Switz circuses to assess animal health and welfare of animals used. In the 2013 Report, the PSA noticed that the living conditions of animals in circuses have improved but could still be better.

More information on http://www.lematin.ch and http://www.romandie.com