18.11.2017- Wallonia finalizes a charter including cameras in slaughterhouses

© FOUR PAWS  A charter negotiated between the Walloon government and the Febev, the Belgian Federation of Meat, is being finalized according to the Minister Carlo Di Antonio (cdH).  It should be signed before the end of the year, with the intent to become law.

The flagship measure of the charter is the commitment of the slaughterhouses that are affiliated to the Febev (which represents nearly 90% of the companies concerned), to place cameras in their premises. The behavior of the employees towards the animals and the reactions of the animals, from the unloading to the bleeding and the stunning will be filmed. The images stored in the premises for fourteen days, can be consulted on site and at any time by the inspection authorities.

The charter also provides for slaughter companies to put in place an indicator of their performance with respect to animal welfare, as well as regular training on animal behavior for certain employees.

Source: rtbf info 


11.11.2017 – Improvement of Animal Welfare standards monitoring in UK Slaughterhouses

© VIER PFOTEN International Environment Secretary Michael Gove has confirmed that CCTV will be mandatory in all slaughterhouses in England early 2018 and will come into force next spring. Official vets, working for the Food Standards Agency, will have unrestricted access to the last 90 days of footage.  (Read more here).

This news comes a year after the French parliament voted to install mandatory video surveillance in slaughterhouses from 1 January 2018.

Read the full ‘Mandatory Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) recording in slaughterhouses: Summary of responses and Government response’


FVE calls for improved and more effective controls in slaughterhouses

The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE), has published a press release, expressing its concern about animal welfare in slaughterhouses throughout Europe, emphasizing on the promotion of good practices, setting standards and raising awareness.

Access to their press release is available here


France: Video surveillance in slaughterhouses

85% of French are in favor of the cameras in slaughterhouses, according to a poll for the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and Animal Rights Association that has been released on Monday. This measures are intended to reduce animal suffering.

Please proceed to the full article (in French) in here.

You can have an access to the press release as well as the full report.


Protection of animals at the time of killing: very bad level of compliance for 2013 !

On October 24 2012, EU Commission together with the Cypriot Presidency has held a conference about Enforcement of the Slaughter Regulation, to inform about the state of play of the enforcement of the Regulation in Member States. The result is very bad: very few Member States will be in compliance for the 2013 deadline.

The Council Regulation 1099/009 on protection of animals at the time of killing has been voted in 2009, in order to replace replace Directive 93/119/EC.

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