Turkey: 3 years of jail for torturing a cat

A Turkish student was sentenced by a Turkish Court to 3 years in prison for torturing a cat and put the video online on youtube. As a comparison, last year, a similar offense was done in France, but the perpetror was sentenced only to 1 year in prison.

Turkish laws are getting more and more stronger against animal cruelty, and this recent judgment is a new proof that the Turkish government doesn't intend to take lightly these extremely serious facts.

More on https://fr.yummypets.com/mag/actualite/faitsdivers/56762/condamne-a-3-ans-de-prison-ferme-pour-avoir-tue-son-chat


Turkey: revision of the Animal Protection Law

In Turkey, the Animal Welfare Law is in process to be revised. Several animal welfare friendly good amendments were introduced but they have not all passed.

In particular, an amendment was planning a prohibition of the use of animals for entertainment (such as Circus or Delphinarium). Unfortunately this amendment failed because the opposition was too strong. 

But an amendment on companion animals passed: If the amendment is voted, it will be illegal to confiscate pets due to the debts of the owners. Moreover, it will be therefore prohibited to kill ownerless dogs (abandonned or not owned).

More information on http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/ban-on-dolphin-parks-and-circuses-removed-from-animal-protection-bill.aspx?pageID=238&nID=67725&NewsCatID=339


Turkey: New penalty fines for dog's mutilation (ear crop and tail dock)

Turkey's Ministry of Forestry and Water Works has set new penalty fines some animal offences. Among the new rules, removing organs and cutting off parts of animals without medical necessity will be fined 600€. This is outlawing the common practice of ear cropping and tail docking of dogs (often hunting dogs). A lot of EU Countries are still allowing such a practice.

More information on http://www.worldbulletin.net/health-environment/129285/turkey-to-fine-animal-rights-abusers