18.11.2017- Wallonia finalizes a charter including cameras in slaughterhouses

© FOUR PAWS  A charter negotiated between the Walloon government and the Febev, the Belgian Federation of Meat, is being finalized according to the Minister Carlo Di Antonio (cdH).  It should be signed before the end of the year, with the intent to become law.

The flagship measure of the charter is the commitment of the slaughterhouses that are affiliated to the Febev (which represents nearly 90% of the companies concerned), to place cameras in their premises. The behavior of the employees towards the animals and the reactions of the animals, from the unloading to the bleeding and the stunning will be filmed. The images stored in the premises for fourteen days, can be consulted on site and at any time by the inspection authorities.

The charter also provides for slaughter companies to put in place an indicator of their performance with respect to animal welfare, as well as regular training on animal behavior for certain employees.

Source: rtbf info 


Belgium (Wallonia): strict regulation on the keeping of 'Bengal' cats

The keeping of cats belonging to the Bengal breed is now strictly regulated in Wallonia, one of the 3 Belgian regions. The Bengal breed is the result of a hybrid between an Asian wild cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) and a domestic cat. Up to now, the keeping of non-sterilised Bengal cats will be submitted to the obtention of a CITES agreement. 

Since animal welfare became a regional competence last year in Belgium, the Walloon animal welfare minister Carlo Di Antonio has already adopted several progressive pieces of legislation.

More on http://www.wallonie.be/fr/bien-etre-animal-chats-bengals-conditions-de-detention