EU Zoos Directive, Good Practices Document, July 2015

The EU Commission published a document on good practices regarding the enforcement of the EU Zoo Directive. 

The Commission launched a study contract with a view to promoting the sharing of experience and of good practice for the implementation of the Zoos Directive aimed at supporting practitioners and Member States in implementing
the spirit and requirements of the Zoos Directive. This has involved consultation with experts and practitioners in different Member States and with different representative bodies concerned with Zoos.
This included a dedicated expert workshop, which took place in Brussels in November to share draft results of the study. The document reports on the findings of this study and aims to summarise the current state of knowledge and
highlight good practices to support practitioners and Member States with a view to helping the m achieve the overall
objective of strengthening the role of zoos in the conservation of biodiversity.

Author: EU Commission

Date: July 2015